Bart Elfrink, painter, lives and works in Holland and Greece. About the work of Bart Elfrink. Longing for a non existing landscape, is that possible?. In the logic of Bart Elfrink every human is born with a longing for that. Longing for a landscape that's is humid, light, water and sea. A place we come from. The landscape he paints seems endless, one wants to dissolve in it. The imaginary landscapes of Bart Elfrink exist inside of us. Human beings create landscapes as landscape creates human beings. Portraits of Bart Elfrink are painted in the same organic way. In his vision portraits are shaped as a pebble is shaped by endless movements. Or a tree, growing in barren soil, old and bending forward, by the wind. It's not the cultivated 'nature' of Holland that inspires Elfrink in making his portaits and landscapes, it's Epirus, the unspoiled Western mainland of Greece where he spends more and more of his time.